Forge Farm What’s on site

Forge Farm What's on Site

Explore the outdoors

Our site at Forge Farm is where Canvas Hamlet all started and is in a perfect quiet and secluded valley, ideal for families and couples looking to disconnect from the hubbub of everyday life. We have 20 bell tents set up and a beautiful Shepherd’s Hut which is perfect for couples looking for an extra luxurious and unique camping holiday. We have many on-site facilities for you to take advantage of and the site is perfectly located for you to explore the surrounding area of Wales and to take part in fun activities.

Tent deckchairs WM-min
Long Valley Yurts
Dining stretch tent WM-min

Food and onsite facilites

We are working closely with local businesses to provide on-site catering but of course you are welcome to bring your own! One of our main goals is to give you that relaxing aspect of your holiday so we want to provide you with the facilities, so you won’t have to worry about whether you left something at home!

Chirk food and on site facilities:
• Guest Reception
• Kitchen Area
• Dining Area
• Chill Out Area
• Pamper Tent
• Shared Bathroom Facilities – including plenty of hot showers and composting toilets to avoid queues
• On site catering serving everything from light breakfasts and morning coffees to wholesome dinners
• Hammocks

Tent deckchairs WM-min
interiour 2, tea, coffee, table, bedroom
Tent WM 1
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