Glamping: Reasons It’s Better Than Traditional Camping

room with chairs

Glamping: Reasons It’s Better Than Traditional Camping

Glamping has been gaining popularity in recent years as it combines the comforts of a luxurious B&B with the purity of traditional camping in the wilderness. When you go glamping, you expose yourself to the magic of the forest as you sleep under the stars in a cosy tent, complete with a bed, electricity, and some hotel-like trinkets. 

Although die-hard campers have long criticised glampers as too posh and not “embracing the essence of nature,” naturally, that is not the case. Because with glamping, you’re still in touch with nature, only with a tent upgrade, allowing you to sleep on a warm, nice bed instead of a muddy sleeping bag. 

If you’re still iffy about going glamping in Anglesey, keep reading. We’ve compiled reasons you should try glamping yourself and how it’s better than traditional camping. Let’s take a look!

Reason #1: Convenient Accommodations

One of the best things about glamping is that you won’t have to do much of the work; in fact, you just need to settle in as you would in a hotel. Glamping offers pre-pitched, weather-proof accommodations so you can relax in nature without any worries. 

Not to mention, glamping tents will have heating sources so you can stay comfy and warm even during cold and stormy nights. You’ll even be surprised with the impressive interior design of glamping tents, transporting you to an ace hotel in the middle of the great outdoors. 

Reason #2: Available Bedroom Features

room with chairs

One of the biggest differences between glamping and traditional camping is that you’ll be sleeping on a real bed with glamping. Gone are the days where you’ll get backaches from a lumpy ground or get sweaty in your sleeping bag. With glamping, it’s the perfect fusion of an outdoor getaway and hotel-like experience. 

Additionally, glamping offers bedroom-like features like heating and electricity. With that, you won’t have to worry about night chills and restless sleep. Besides that, you’ll also have light sources, allowing you to read at night, play board games, and more!

Reason #3: Kitchen Facilities

With glamping, you can finally say goodbye to boil-in-the-bag rice and baked beans. Glamping offers a modern twist in camp cooking, offering a fully-equipped camp kitchen where you can create fantastic meals that you and your loved ones will truly enjoy. 

What’s great about this is that some glamping sites are close to charming towns that offer fresh produce. So if you’re thinking of cooking up a fantastic dinner, you can do so with glamping. 

Reason #4: Comfortable Bathrooms

There’s no denying that you’re truly one with nature when you need to use the loo when you’re camping out traditionally. If smelly compost toilets and bug-infested showers don’t float your boat, you’d be happy to know that glamping offers stylish and comfortable bathrooms that will truly elevate your camping experience. 

The Bottom Line: Say Hello to the New Way of Camping

If you’re thinking of taking a break and immersing yourself in the beauty of nature with a hotel-like experience, glamping would be your best bet. From a real bed in the great outdoors to a comfortable bathroom where you can wash your stress and worries away, glamping is the best way to get off the grid, relax, and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. 

Where Can I Go Glamping in Anglesey?

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