What to Expect When Going Glamping for the First Time


What to Expect When Going Glamping for the First Time

If you’re looking for something invigorating and different from life’s monotony, glamping may be a fantastic adventure. This activity is about being outside and close to nature while still enjoying a few creature comforts, whether you’re travelling single, with a significant other, or with family and friends.

However, there are a few misunderstandings about glamping that should be addressed. Here’s what to expect on your first glamping trip to ensure you have the greatest, most memorable experience possible.

A Peek into Glamping

Who says you can’t feel comfy while spending quality time with Mother Nature? This is why glamping is born. It is simply luxurious camping. 

It mixes all the enjoyable aspects of camping with all of the modern amenities and comforts that affluent people still desire when communing with nature.

It’s becoming quite a trendy word, particularly among millennials. Tents, yurts, cabins, treehouses, teepees, and even an airstream camper are available for glamping.

Now, for the ultimate glamping experience, make sure the luxuries below are present.

Accommodations with a Real Building and Floors

It’s not glamping if you’re exposed to the elements. True glamping includes a strong structure and a floor rather than merely a tent’s bottom or dirt. 

Whether it was a glamping tent, yurt, or cabin, every glamping experience must always have wood floors. A good rug or faux fur rug is also a lovely addition.


Glamping in luxury means sleeping in style. While an air mattress is acceptable, a genuine bed is the ultimate luxury glamping item. Pillows for sleeping, ornamental pillows, linens, and blankets are all required.

Temperature Control

The ultimate glamping experiences have air conditioning. Some regions have such a mild climate that they may get by without air conditioning as long as the building provides adequate ventilation. Fans, at the very least, are required.


The atmosphere is everything when it comes to glamping. Imagine a glamping tent with a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere adorned with string lights and lanterns. 

There are even added aesthetic touches to the space, such as attractive cushions, tables, chairs, and other small trinkets.


Glamping tents usually come equipped with full-size refrigerators, microwaves, and a gas grill. Some glamping sites don’t didn’t have such appliances, but they usually have on-site restaurants with delicious food.


If you’re glamping, you’ll have access to a proper toilet and running water. A full private bathroom and shower are included in luxury glamping. Some guests don’t have to leave their structure to get there, but it’s sometimes necessary to go to a different building.

Glamping is not all giggles, so expect the following inconveniences.

You’ll Still Need to Make a Packing List

Like with most vacations, even a little forethought goes a long way. It’s important to know what kind of glamping experience you’ve booked. To put it another way, not every glamping tent is created equal. 

Your tent may be equipped with a self-contained kitchen. Perhaps it only has a kitchenette. Clear these concerns with your glamping coordinator so that you’ll know what essential items to bring.

Noise Travels Much Further

Many glamping tents are just larger tents made of tougher materials like canvas, similar to ordinary camping tents. This indicates that the walls around you are rather thin. 

Sound travels or transmits further when the environment around you is calmer. Thus, any noise you make will travel a long way. 

The best strategy to ensure that everyone has a good time is to use basic camping etiquette. Be considerate enough to follow your park’s noise regulations after a specific period.


There’s a reason why glamping is so popular. Because glamping sites are located in some of the country’s most desirable and exotic areas, they are frequently difficult to book and popular once you arrive. 

This implies that, while the vast outdoors are often right outside your door, you might not be as alone as you believe. Be willing to share space and treat your neighbours with respect.

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