Glamping with the Family? Here’s Some Handy Advice!


Glamping with the Family? Here’s Some Handy Advice!

There are numerous benefits derived from camping. For example, camping provides opportunities to build relationships, learn new skills, and unplug from screens. In addition, camping helps you disconnect from the stresses of daily life and increases your physical fitness.

Physical activity in the outdoors increases psychological health and wellbeing and has been shown to enhance mood, focus, and attention. For example, walking in forests can offer an opportunity to connect with nature, which in turn can increase your sense of fulfilment and happiness. 

That said, many adults fall out of love with camping regularly. When people get older, the idea of walking across a field to use the bathroom and constructing tents after a long trip doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. You’re probably at that age now, where convenience is very important. Still, you know your kids will get a kick out of the experience. How can this be resolved?


Short for glamorous camping, “glamping” is the best solution to this! All the delight of camping for the kids and all the convenience and security for the adults. Bathroom facilities, comfy beds, long walks in nature; so much wonder!

If that sounds like the best time for your family, read on for some handy advice:

1. During Glamping Trips With the Family, Do One-Pot Cooking

For the most part, there are great cooking facilities in glamping tents. That means there’s no need to rely on just baked beans on toast and the like. Of course, it will be great to take advantage of wood-burning stove facilities, don’t forget: you’re on holiday! Why spend hours on end over one meal?

Instead, just prepare one-pot meals. These tasty and simple recipes filled up hungry kids after a long day of energy-burning fun. The best part? You can clean up in a snap since you’ll have very little mess to clean up. 

2. Go Glamping With the Family By Picking the Best Location

Location is everything, so you’ll need to figure out where in the United Kingdom you’ll be glamping. It’s important not to end up taking a long drive to the glamping site only to find it in the middle of nowhere, with no nearby entertainment or activities for the kids!

You’ll want to choose a glamping site that’s just a short drive away from fun places. Pick a location near water parks, zoos, beaches and the like.

3 When You Go Glamping With the Family, Pack A Lot of Clothes

It’s very important to check the weather forecast while you pack. However, no matter what’s in store, your best bet is to pack plenty of clothes. The kids are bound to end up dusty, muddy and soggy as they run around outside all day. Don’t forget that the British climate is unpredictable by default!

The moment the sun goes down, even the hottest day will turn rather cold. Aside from getting the fire pit going, it’s necessary to keep warm by putting on plenty of layers.


Camping is a beloved, traditional pastime for many reasons. However, some aspects seem less appealing as people grow up. Thankfully, over time, glamping has risen as a new option. It has all the fun of traditional camping with modern conveniences like proper bathroom facilities.

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