5 Romantic Activities You Can Do in Anglesey

walking on the beach

5 Romantic Activities You Can Do in Anglesey

With everything going on around the world, every chance of escape you could get should definitely be seized. So if you have the opportunity to go on a romantic trip, take it! But where should you go? Well, if what you’re looking for is a tranquil and dreamy place with some of the best beaches with crystal-clear waters, Anglesey is the right place for you. 

Are you wondering about romantic things to do in Anglesey and can’t come up with anything? Worry not, because we have rounded up five of the most romantic activities you can do with your beloved when you’re in Anglesey:

5 Romantic Things You Can Do in Anglesey

#1. Walk Along the Beach at Sunset

It’s a classic romantic activity for a reason – it’s simple, sweet, and unpretentious. When you don’t have to worry about your dining table etiquette or the way you look when you eat, things become more natural. This is what happens when you stroll along the beach barefoot, side by side, not caring about the wind blowing your hair and focusing on your conversation. 

Silver Bay Beach is the best place to do this activity. You can take it up a notch by packing a surprise picnic!

#2. Tour the Beaumaris Castle

You may not be king and queen, but you can pretend to be royals for a day, or at least have a taste of how it was like to live in a Medieval-Edwardian castle in 1295. The castle may be unfinished, but it’s still a spectacular sight that’s worth a visit with your loved one. 

#3. Explore The Dingle Nature Reserve

If a walk on the beach is not your thing, you might prefer the views offered by the woodlands of Anglesey, specifically The Dingle Nature reserve. With 25 acres of land filled with a variety of animals you won’t normally encounter, gorgeous ash and oak trees, and bluebells (if you come in Spring), it may be the best date destination for nature lovers. 

#4. Try the Puffin Island Cruises

Another one-of-a-kind experience awaits couples who will choose to be on the Puffin Island Cruises that will take you around Anglesey by sea. You get to enjoy the incredible views of Snowdonia and Puffin Island itself. Cruise rates start at £8.50 – not bad for such a memorable experience.

#5. Experience Glamping with The Canvas Hamlet

There may not be music festivals to go to this year, but you can still enjoy the boho-chic vibe of such an event when you go glamping. Just 20 minutes walk from the beach, and you’ll find our romantic location. This is the perfect opportunity for you to truly reconnect with your beloved without all the distractions of the outside world. Why go to a traditional hotel when you can have a unique experience with your special someone in a luxury tent?

Don’t be put off by the thought of sleeping in a tent, because, remember – this is glamping! It’s all going to be comfortable and luxurious while at the same time warm and rustic. 


These are just five of the many things to do in Anglesey if you’re looking for a romantic weekend. Choose one or more of these sweet and fun activities, and you’ll indeed have a memorable time in Anglesey that will make you forget all the worries in the world. 

The Canvas Hamlet doesn’t only offer luxurious glamping in Anglesey in some of the best camping sites you’ll find. What we offer is a one-of-a-kind experience – a setting for you and your loved one to have the best and most romantic time ever. Book now or find out more about our accommodations!