Four Things You Need to Try in Anglesey Island, Wales

Anglesey Island

Four Things You Need to Try in Anglesey Island, Wales

When you hear about Anglesey Island in Wales, you immediately think of the coast, burial chambers, stunning standing stones, and religious sites that have earned the place the moniker of the Holy Island. That said, there are a ton of great activities you can try when you visit Anglesey. Don’t miss out on these if you are planning your trip!

Cross the Menai Suspension Bridge

The Menai Suspension Bridge carries a lot of history with it. If you see the dazzling sheep in the countryside, you may be shocked to note that they had to swim across to and from Anglesey before the creation of this bridge.

Today, the Thomas Telford-designed bridge is still active and sees a lot of movement. When you decide to cross it, prepare to marvel at the structure and get an amazing view of everything around you. Completed in 1826, the bridge was the first major suspension bridge in the entire world.

You can use this to get from the mainland of Wales to enter Anglesey, too. It’s simple enough to get across these days, and the experience is worth the effort.

Check Out the Anglesey Coastal Path

This path is great for a morning jaunt or a weekend getaway. It’s one of the most beautiful trails in the region and runs for 209 km (130 miles). Interestingly, you’ll find this is the only complete coastal path in the world.

You won’t find another like it, so it’s worth a visit. Take note that it would actually be impossible to walk the entire coast unless you have a few months to spare. So, simply enjoy some of the landmarks that line the edge and take the afternoon to take in the view.

Visit the Copper Kingdom

From the name alone, you know this place is something to behold. This kingdom of sorts is built off the historical discovery of copper stores in the area from way back in the 18th century.

As the people of Anglesey mined copper through the decades, craters and landscapes eventually formed over time, and you can visit these today. You can actually find three major attractions within the Copper Kingdom.

The exhibition centre is interactive and tells the story of the infamous Copper Ladies. The museum shows different artefacts over time that had to do with the exportation of copper and building ships. It also has a cafe you can enjoy snacks in.

Finally, the big thing here is the copper mine and Parys Mountain, where you can take a look at the largest open cast copper mine in the world and the craters left behind by mining projects.

Go Glamping in Carreglwyd

Getting out into nature is one of the best things you can do while you are visiting Anglesey. One way to do that is to spend the night glamping at the stunning Carreglwyd estate.

It is less than half an hour away from the beach and comes with tons of facilities like massages and hot tubs. Food isn’t an issue, either, as there are delicious options available for visitors.

Final Thoughts

Anglesey is a great place to visit. It’s the perfect place to get away from the urban jungle and be in touch with the world. No matter how you enjoy your time in Anglesey, you don’t want to miss out on these activities.

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