Astounding Activities for When You Visit Anglesey Part 1

food trip

Astounding Activities for When You Visit Anglesey Part 1

Peace and tranquillity are what you find along the rolling green hills and crystal waters of Anglesey. Known for its historical island sites and remarkable beaches, this small island is one of the UK’s most visited attractions, welcoming over one million tourists annually. 

You are in for an adventure if ever you’re wondering what to do in Anglesey. While glamping remains a popular activity due to its lush natural sites, there are other things you can add to your bucket list. We have gathered a list of essential things to do, ranging from stunning beaches to excellent walks. How many of these must-see attractions can you visit?

Go on a Food Trip

You can go on a well-deserved food trip after walking the paths of Newborough Forest or Parys Mountain and take some grub back to your glamping tent for a midnight snack! Whether you fancy a big, juicy hamburger or prefer the taste of a large mound of hot, gooey nachos, you must try the first street food restaurant on Oceanus. 

From Mexican to American to Korean to Italian, the Simply Street Bar and Grill has a gustatory delight for every palate. Of note, the Mine’s A Double Jack Daniels Nachos appetiser consists of hand-cut tortilla chips covered with shredded cheese and melted Jack Daniels barbeque sauce served with salsa and jalapeno slices. Aren’t your mouths watering yet?

Spot Squirrels

While it’s tempting to do so because of the beautiful scenery around you, Don’t just stay in your glamping tent the whole time! You can go squirrel spotting (not hunting; we’ll explain in a bit) in Newborough Forest. The area is famous for being a sanctuary for this rare native rodent. 

In recent years, the squirrels have recovered impressively on Anglesey after being nearly wiped out twenty years ago by the grey American squirrels. Twenty-five years ago, there were only forty reds on Anglesey, but today, their numbers have soared to over six hundred, following a successful project to eradicate the greys. You may catch a glimpse of these rare rodents while walking the paths.

Travel Back in Time through Bryn Celli Ddu

This ancient, 5,000-year-old burial mound is one of the better-known sites from the Neolithic period of Wales. Archaeologists have discovered that Bryn Celli Ddu was built to pay respect to the dead, protect their corpses, and—more importantly—socialise during the New Stone Age. This archaeological attraction is open to the public daily.

Visit Parys

As a World Heritage Site, the dramatic mountain contains 12 geological periods spanning four eras and is at least one million years old. The vibrant colours of its mineral-rich landscape will make you feel like you have just landed on Mars.

For starters, you can take in its rich history by visiting the site south of Amlwch, Wales. The site is known as one of the oldest copper mining sites in England, where workers from Greece and Rome once extracted copper more than 4,000 years ago. Then, in 2016, three men rode unicycles over the mountain!

To Be Concluded

We hope these new activities keep you out of your glamping tent to explore historical sites, ancient structures, or even a classic meal made with a fresh twist. We’ve got more Anglesey activities in part two of this series, so stay tuned for more!

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