Astounding Activities for When You Visit Anglesey Part 2

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Astounding Activities for When You Visit Anglesey Part 2

If you’re not into spotting rare wildlife, visiting an archaeological site, or even trekking a mountain, don’t just stay stuck in your glamping tent! There are more things to do in your Anglesey adventure, as you’ll find in today’s exciting list!

Be Like Royalty in Beaumaris Castle

Beaumaris Castle, the most technically perfect castle in Britain by many, was built during the late 13th Century. The building is a perfect example of late medieval military architecture. It stands as one of the few remaining structures built by King Edward I in Wales during his campaign to invade Scotland. Due to this invasion, he couldn’t finish the castle to his desires.

We owe our gratitude to Cadw, the historic environment services of Wales, for preserving this architectural fortress. Beaumaris is open to the public for daily viewing between 9:30 AM and 5 PM, so get out of your glamping tent and drop by this medieval masterpiece!

Be Regaled by the Story of Ynys Llanddwyn

Just off the southern coast of Anglesey lies the beautiful and remote island of Llanddwyn, surrounded by the white sands of a beautiful beach. The island itself has a fascinating history you may not have heard of before. 

In the fifth century, a pretty girl named Dwynwen lived in this area. According to legend, she was the most stunning of Brychan Brycheiniog’s 24 daughters, who happened to fall in love with Prince Maelon Dafodrill. Alas, the romance was not to be; her father had already arranged for her to wed someone else.

She begged God to make her forget all about Maelon before falling into a deep sleep. An angel visited Dwynwen in her dreams and gave her a potion that erased her memory of Maelon and turned him into ice.

With her dreams coming true, Dwynwen devoted herself to God and established a convent on the island of Llanddwyn, off the southern coast of Anglesey. The ruins can still be seen there today, as can Dwynwen’s Well, which is said to house sacred fish that can predict whether or not couples will make it to a long-term relationship. If these fish are active when you drop a visiting couple into the well, it is a sign that the relationship will last.

You will also discover a stunning lighthouse and various other structures on the island, including a tower and cross. Be mindful that high tides cut off all access to this location.

Visit More Than One Anglesey Animal

The Sea Zoo is the largest marine aquarium and Anglesey’s leading all-weather, family attraction. It is home to some of the best British marine wildlife from around the UK coasts, so expect to see creatures like octopuses, seahorses, and even British catsharks!

The aquarium offers a niche but fascinating look at waters closer to home and a unique look at local Welsh wildlife. Among its work is a Seahorse Conservation Programme.

Marine biologists from the zoo offer daily talks and feeding displays to get up close to some of the exciting exhibits and interactive sessions where you can learn more about how scientists are studying sea life.

Anglesey Sea Zoo is open from 10 AM until 4:45 PM, including bank holidays.

Start Your Anglesey Adventure with Canvas Hamlet

As you have seen, dear reader, there’s lots to do in Anglesey the next time you go glamping there. Not in the mood for a gastronomic journey? Spot some rare squirrels! Want to see more wildlife? Take a gander at the Anglesey Zoo! This UK isle is a treasure trove of culinary, natural, and historical secrets, whatever your fancy. It’s up to you to discover them by taking the first step.

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