5 Amazing Benefits of Volleyball on Your Glam Camping


5 Amazing Benefits of Volleyball on Your Glam Camping

Volleyball originated in the United States. Volleyball involves two teams consisting of six players competing against each other across a net. The game’s goal is to pass the volleyball over the net while chatting with your teammates. 

Should you add volleyball to your glamping in Anglesey? Continue reading to find out the benefits of playing volleyball! 

What Are Volleyball’s Contribution to Treatment? 

Volleyball courts are available in many rehab clinics for patients to use. Volleyball has a place in treatment centres for various physical and emotional reasons, including building a feeling of community among patients and keeping them physically and psychologically fit. Because of this, volleyball is a known sport in other activities–including glamping. 

Burns Your Fat and Calories 

Volleyball has many advantages, one of which is that it aids in the burning of calories. Your body will be able to maintain a good muscle-to-fat ratio successfully. A competitive volleyball game can burn anywhere from 120 to 178 calories in just half an hour, while a less competitive game might burn anywhere from 90 to 133 calories. Volleyball is an excellent method to stay in shape and lower your chances of heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Tones Your Muscles 

Volleyball’s physical motions strengthen the muscles in your upper and lower body. When passing the ball, you stoop and use your legs for force, and you set the ball using your hands, arms, and legs. 

Volleyball on your Anglesey glamping is a great full-body workout because it needs regular use of the arms and legs. You will tone your muscles in addition to increasing your strength and boosting your respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Improves Your Mental Health 

You will establish connections and feel a sense of group cohesion when you participate in a volleyball competition at our Smoky Mountain sports facility and work together with your team to reach a common objective. Team sports are also an excellent method to boost your self-esteem and relieve tension. Volleyball will provide you with pleasant sentiments that will carry over into other aspects of your life off the field!

Builds Your Balance, Coordination, and Speed 

Volleyball players who are just starting increase their coordination, balance, and speed quickly. The sport requires these key skills because the game comprises serving, passing, setting, blocking, and much more. Because these talents are used to be efficient in volleyball games, you’ll find that you’re improving them with each match!

Serves As An Aerobic Activity 

Studies have shown that even a slow-paced 20-minute game of volleyball can use the same amount of energy as a mile of jogging. In just 12 minutes, you may expend the same amount of energy as someone jogging a mile by playing a more intensive volleyball game! Games that are longer and more competitive have even greater health advantages. Increased aerobic activity will improve your performance in various sports and increase your energy level.


Volleyball is a fantastic team sport since it requires more than one player to win a game. It entails cooperating and working rapidly to learn lessons that can be applied outside of your treatment facilities, such as when you go to work and must work well with your coworkers and supervisor.

It can lift your spirits, relieve tension, and inspire you to take pride in your achievements, not just because your team won but also because you were a wonderful team player. As you accomplish them effectively, you will gain confidence in your ability to master sets, bumps, serves, and spikes. If you’re going for glamping in Anglesey, add volleyball to your list of activities! 

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