5 Practical and Useful Tips for Glamping with Kids


5 Practical and Useful Tips for Glamping with Kids

Glamping is an opportunity for families to bond and for parents to have quality time with their little ones. It helps children experience the outdoors, the new culture, the new people and the new country. And it helps them learn a thing or two that they would not have learned in the comfort of their own home. Glamping with kids is also a great way to make travel fun and exciting. 

When you are planning to go glamping with your little ones, consider the following practical tips and tricks.

Check the Glamping Site First

Before you plan your trip to glamping, do your research about the glamping site. This will help you know the basic details of your site. It will also help you know what facilities and services you can enjoy, such as the quality of the toilet and shower. You will also get to know the weather for the season. You may want to consider if the glamping site is suitable for kids. There may be times that you would want to bring the kids to the glamping site even when it rains. But it helps to know if the site has room for your kids to play in.

Bring the Right Gear

The glamping trip is an outdoor experience. You would want to be prepared for the outdoor conditions. Bring the right gear for the outdoor trip. For example, you should bring raincoats, umbrellas, lanterns and flashlights, gloves, the appropriate footwear and hats. You should also bring rain jackets and warm clothes especially if you are planning to go glamping when the weather is cold. You may want to consider bringing a baby carrier, diapers and baby wipes. If your kids are little, you may want to bring their toys and some books. You may also want to bring some snacks and food to munch on.

Make a List of What to Bring

It is a good idea to make a checklist of the things that you need to bring. This will help you pack efficiently and prepare your things before the trip. This can help you have a stress-free trip. You can also check the list of things provided by the site. This will help you know what you can pack and what you need to buy. A list will also help you avoid packing too much, thus reducing your expenses and adding more weight to your pack.

Practice the Rules and Regulations of the Site

Before you go to the glamping site, you should know the basic rules of the place. It would be useful to familiarise yourself with the place. It would also be helpful if you know the local language. Some glamping site is shaded by trees. But some areas of the site may be exposed to sunlight. It would help if you know about the elevation of the site. It would be helpful if you know the boundaries of the glamping site. You should know the places where you can walk, where you cannot walk, where you can pitch a tent, where you can take a shower, where you can make a bonfire and where you cannot make a bonfire.

Choose the Right Activities

You can do a lot of activities while glamping. You can go on a hike, enjoy a picnic in the woods, go biking or sing along in the campfire. You can also explore the different sites in the area, such as museums and historical sites. You can also go and visit the local markets. It is a good idea to check the activities that are allowed in the area.


Going glamping is a fun and exciting experience. It brings families together, gives you quality time with your kids and offers a new perspective of the world. Going glamping with kids can be a bit challenging at first. But with some planning, you can have a stress-free trip that you and your family will remember for a long time.

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