Camping vs. Glamping: Which One Should You Try?


Camping vs. Glamping: Which One Should You Try?

Do you love the great wilderness? Can you tolerate those pesky bugs that emerge each evening? Whatever your answer may be, you’ll be sure to find an outdoor activity that you’ll adore. If you think you are not suited for traditional camping activities, glamorous camping or glamping could be an activity you can try!

Glamping is an incredibly fun recreational activity that is currently on the rise. If you are planning a weekend getaway with your partner, family, or close friends, you are sure to enjoy your first taste of glamping at a picture-perfect site. 

Have you made up your mind? Here is a complete guide to help you decide.

All About Camping

Camping is an open-air activity that revolves around staying the night or two or more in a tent out in nature. In essence, camping is simply about escaping from the stress and pressure of urban life.

Recreational camping began in the late 19th century and has become one of the most common open-air exercises for adventurous people all around the world. Basically, you just need to learn to appreciate the simple joys of life and, of course, the beauty of nature surrounding you.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to remember if you’re going camping. First, always bring suitable clothing for unpredictable climate conditions. It would be best to have clothes that can withstand rain, snow, or over-the-top daylight. Remember to dress for functionality, not to impress. Also, when camping, you will likely feel worn out and tired at the end of it, so prepare a lot of snacks, food, and water. 

All About Glamping

If a basic camping setup doesn’t sound inviting to you, you can give glamping a try. It is essentially a much more refined and fancy version of camping; an upgraded version that makes for a much more comfortable and relatively safe experience. 

You still get to be one with nature, but instead of sleeping in a tent or on the ground, you can enjoy a setup that incorporates some luxuries and comforts that you have at home. Ordinarily, this includes things such as a much larger tent, with amenities such as a thickly cushioned bed, gourmet cookware, electric generators for your gadgets and appliances, and other pieces of furniture and lighting. Some glamping sites take it to the extreme and include spas, private showers, and even closets in their tents.

Which One is For You?

Choosing between traditional campaign and glamping largely depends on what you prefer and how much you are willing to spend. If you need an activity that’s truly different from your everyday life, then a brief camping adventure is the best choice. 

If you favour a taste of both worlds, the more normal and the familiar, then a glamping experience awaits. You’ll be able to experience the great outdoors but with much more comfort. It’s a fantastic experience for you and your companions, especially if you choose your glamping site well!


Glamping is a more relaxed variation of camping. It is a recreational activity that is much more secure and comfortable. In contrast, camping requires more knowledge and technical skills since people’s capabilities are limited due to little resources. Whatever the differences it might be, one sure thing is that both enable people to have fun. It all goes down to your knowledge, preference, and sense of adventure.

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