4 Reasons to Stay In the Beautiful Isle of Anglesey

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4 Reasons to Stay In the Beautiful Isle of Anglesey

The Isle of Anglesey is one of the most breathtaking places to visit in the UK. It’s one of the top holiday destinations for those who love a good adventure or are just looking for a relaxing staycation with a dazzling view. This small island off the coast of North Wales is full of unprecedented charm, and it’s never short of spectacular activities.

The rustic landscapes and serene sunset spots on the island are worth visiting, and there are many more reasons to book a holiday trip to this gorgeous paradise. Here are some of the top reasons to stay in Anglesey: 

Reason #1: The Beaches Are a Marvel to Look At

Although the island is only a small spot on the map, it’s not lacking in gorgeous scenery. It boasts many beautiful, unspoiled beaches. The South Stack is one of the island’s most prized beaches, as it houses the iconic lighthouse and the RSPB reserve.

Anglesey also has six Blue Flag beaches: Benllech, Church Bay, Llanddona, Llanddwyn, Porth Dafarch, and Trearddur Bay. They earned their titles because of their cleanliness, water quality, safety, and educational activities.

The coastlines in the Isle of Anglesey are perfect for walking and swimming in the right weather, and they’re fantastic for those who long to experience the relaxing embrace of the salty sea breeze. Hidden coves, dive sites with reefs and shipwrecks, and many opportunities for water sports also await those who love a thrilling holiday adventure.

Reason #2: It Is Teeming with Life

Aside from the beautiful views and fun activities, the island is also home to unique wildlife. There are numerous rare species living along the coasts and inland areas, and the Puffin Island is also home to many types of birds, such as puffins, razorbills, guillemots, and a massive colony of great cormorants. The area is currently a Special Protection Area (SPA).

Harbour porpoises and bottlenose dolphins regularly visit Anglesey’s pristine coasts, and several species of sea turtles also drop by in the summer. Seals and orcas are also favourites among tourists.

Reason #3: The Food Is Fresh and Scrumptious

Because of its fertile lands and rich surroundings, Anglesey was once known as the “Bread Basket of Wales.” On this beautiful island, you’ll experience a feast like no other. You can enjoy freshly caught seafood and other scrumptious goods seasoned with the finest Halen Môn sea salt, and you’ll get the most of it in September with the Anglesey Seafood Festival.

Reason #4: The Towns Are Charming

While the pristine coastlines, surrounding islands, and unique wildlife are the main attractions of Anglesey, there’s no denying that the towns have a charm like no other. Centuries of history dwell within their walls, which is prominent in their rustic yet timeless beauty.

Holyhead, the island’s largest town, is home to the UK’s busiest ferry port. It also hosts many gastropubs, shops, and a beautiful country park. There are so many charming places to explore within Anglesey.

Go Glamping in Anglesey

Anglesey is such a gorgeous island with so much to offer. It’s never a bad idea to visit, as there’s something for everyone—from thrilling adventures to relaxed staycations, this paradise has it all. The picturesque scenery, unique wildlife, fresh food, and charming towns are among the most prominent reasons to stay, but there’s always more to discover.

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