Glamping: The Hottest Travel Trend in the New Normal

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Glamping: The Hottest Travel Trend in the New Normal

Jimmy Chin was right when he said, “As human beings, we have an innate need to explore, to see what’s around the corner.” The yearning to travel through places, discover the undiscovered, and create the unimaginable has become ingrained in our very being.

The Impact of Human Curiosity

Curiosity has gotten man this far. As the hallmark of human experience, it has helped us learn, improve, and survive. Man’s desire to explore has brought us this far; we’ve even travelled far beyond the boundaries of our home planet because of sheer curiosity and the hunger for knowledge.

Even if you’re not someone who works on spaceships or robotic exploration, you’d still find ways to create meaningful experiences outdoors. For decades, families have built and strengthened their relationships in new environments, bonding with loved ones and becoming with nature.

Camping sounds nice, doesn’t it? It is a great experience that exposes you to new places and situations, but sometimes, becoming with nature in this way isn’t as fun as one would imagine. 

The New Age of Camping

In reality, you would be exposed to a dozen of things that may be uncomfortable during camping. From having to buy and bring a ton of camping equipment and getting back problems because of a thin mat and a sleeping bag to mud and dirt during unexpected rains and the noise and commotion from other campers, camping doesn’t seem worth it, does it?

Camping is fun, but it has become a less attractive choice for people who value comfort during their travels. Comfort and safety have become more critical today in the advent of the global pandemic—very few people would risk going to crowded campsites and breaking their back just to enjoy nature.

However, just because you’re not eager to go camping anytime soon doesn’t mean that you won’t get to travel to space to breathe away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thanks to the increase of glamping sites, people can now have a space to disconnect, relax, and let go—in comfort and with amenities, of course.

Camping In Style and Comfort

Glamping sites provide the perfect and better alternative for families wanting to have a worthwhile Anglesey adventure but without the discomfort of sleeping bags and itchy mosquito bites. The term ‘glamping’ was first coined in 2007, but it was established in 2013 as among the best luxury travel experiences.

Although the travel industry took a hit during the surge of COVID-19 cases last year, the global glamping market’s growth didn’t seem to be affected. In fact, the glamping industry is expected to reach$ 5,623.6 Million in six years!

With people having spent about a year in their homes, they’ve become accustomed to having a personal space and comfort, so you’d have a challenging time finding people who would compromise those two things just to be near nature.

Fortunately, glamping offers an opportunity to both enjoy comfort and nature. Thanks to the beautiful amenities that glamping sites provide, families can have the best of both worlds—you’ll still be able to appreciate the Anglesey beaches and picturesque views while having a cosy place to stay.


Glamping has long been a popular method of outdoor recreation, but the concept of spending time outdoors while still experiencing the best aspects of the indoors has become a top choice in the post-COVID era. If you’re the kind of person who wants to be one with nature but isn’t too fond of the disadvantages that usual camping brings, then pack your stuff and book your stay at a glampsite!

Do you want to have a worthwhile adventure far from home but without the discomfort of travelling? Then, why not go glamping in Anglesey with us, The Canvas Hamlet? Our Anglesey glampsite is nestled in the grounds of the Carreglwyd Estate, near one of North Wales’ beautiful beaches or many action spots. Book your vacation today!