When in Anglesey: 5 Places to Visit in the Coastal Region

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When in Anglesey: 5 Places to Visit in the Coastal Region

Are you planning on a leisure trip? Why not visit Anglesey! It’s a must-see island set adrift from mainland Wales. It is famous for its beaches, coastal paths, nature reserves, and ancient monuments.

Anglesey is the largest island in Wales. It also has the second-highest island population in Britain. The beauty of the landscape and its wildlife, along with the island’s thrill-giving and extensive history, makes the visit to Anglesey worth it.

1. Menai Suspension Bridge

The Menai Suspension Bridge was a triumph of civil engineering at the time of its construction in 1826. It’s the biggest suspension bridge globally at the time, with 16 huge chains holding 579 feet of the deck in the air—allowing 100 feet of clear space beneath.

The bridge’s most significant contribution was connecting London and the Port of Holyhead. The route from London to Holyhead became an important roadway, representing a physical link between parliament and Ireland. However, it was a dangerous journey which the Menai Suspension Bridge resolved.

2. Newborough Warren

If your goal is to re-establish your link with nature, Newborough Warren is an excellent venue for nature trips and camps. It is a large dune and beach system, where half of the land is a conifer plantation. The whole place was formed 700 years ago after a tremendous storm blew sand inland. Today, the dunes are rich with wildflowers.

Along with Ynys Llanddwyn, the area was declared as the first coastal National Nature Reserve in Wales in 1995. Tourists and locals can explore the beaches on foot or explore the dunes while following waymarked walking trails.

3. South Stack

Thrill-seekers and adventurers will love South Stack’s high points and cliffs. Located on Holy Island, three miles to the west of Holyhead, the area has a fantastic seascape with magnificent views of the Lleyn Peninsula and Bardsey Island.

Tourists love South Stack’s extraordinary views and spectacular cliffs. However, it is also filled with archaeological sites, including the Ty Mawr hut circles, which comprises eight small plantations dating back to 4000 years ago. People can also explore exciting field systems which are noticeable on the headland to the southeast of South Stack.

4. Red Wharf Bay Vineyard

Red Wharf Bay Vineyard is a new tourist attraction to the public. However, it was initially a plantation for grapes used for winemaking. After some time, the owner decided to open it up to the public in 2018, and the rest was history.

The variety of grapes planted are a mix of UK and Spanish grapes. Some vines were planted in 2010, but most of the plants seen in the vineyard were only grown in 2016. Some of the vines planted years ago are still maturing. The vineyard offers day tours to tourists interested in seeing the process of planting, harvesting and bottling grapes up close.

5. Copper Kingdom, Amlwch

Anglesey is known for its extraordinary mineral wealth. It was once the largest copper mine in the world. The Copper Kingdom is Anglesey’s way to tell the story of how a coastal region turned into one of Wales’ most vibrant towns of the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Tourists and locals can take time to wander the rugged colourful pathways of Parys Mountain, the place that became The Copper Kingdom of the 18th century. Alternatively, people can also venture down to the harbour to experience the working life of the Copper Lady, Miner, Smelter, Mine Manager, or an Assay Manager through an interactive program called “Copper Kingdom Centre.”


There are a lot of activities to do in Anglesey. Although it’s a small coastal region, you can never go wrong by visiting the historical places and national nature reserves scattered in the area. Overall, Anglesey is an excellent venue to relax, enjoy, and recharge before returning to the city.

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