5 Incredible Beaches by the Isle of Anglesey to Camp Out At

glasses on the sand

5 Incredible Beaches by the Isle of Anglesey to Camp Out At

Setting up a glamp (a glam camp) and staying out on a beach can be such a refreshing experience after staying indoors for so long. Instead of staring up the ceiling after scrolling through your screen, check out the stars as you lie on the sand. It can be positively exciting when you have your loved ones along for the ride too.

If you’re wondering where you can have your glamping session with family or friends, consider coming to Anglesey. There are several beaches that are just picture-perfect for a tent, a bonfire and a couple of people. Here are just some of the top beaches by the Isle of Anglesey:

Silver Bay Beach

Silver Bay Beach is one of the most well-known spots despite having a secluded landscape. The whole location is shaped in a moon crescent and can seem quite hidden. However, perhaps that is what makes this place such a special escape. 

There are plenty of rocky islets and coves to explore in Silver Bay Beach, with always something new to discover even if you’ve been there before. Or, you can also have a lovely walk down the beach. The shore boasts a colourful collection of pebbles and stones.

Porth Dafarch

The Porth Dafarch beach, which is just by Porthdafarch Road, is about an estimated 20 minutes away from Silver Bay. The water quality is very clean in this part of Anglesey, which is why it’s one of the few beaches that bagged a Blue Flag status.

If you’re looking for a place where it’s safe to swim, Port Dafarch is the best place for you and your group. Even if you don’t paddle, just floating near the shore can make for a calming glamping experience for everyone.

Trearddur Bay 

Trearddur Bay has this beautiful beach that is very wide in area. The space that Treaddur Bay Beach provides isn’t the only star of the show here though, as there are plenty of other perks. For example, there are some nearby restaurants that you can order from while glamping.

Plus, the whole bay is a watersport hotspot. If you’re hoping to try out sailing or surfing for the first time, Treaddur Bay beach is a lovely spot to do so. You’re also free to fish, which you can cook at your glampsite later on.

Porth Diana

Just by the same road as Trearddur Bay, Porth Diana is a beautiful sandy cove that boaters love to go to. The local yacht club loves mooring near these waters before tying up their water vessels to stay until later use.

One great perk about glamping at Porth Diana is that you get a second option if you walk just a little more to the side. Porth Castell is a neighbouring beach that tourists love to go to for swimming and snorkelling.


Borthwen is another option on the Isle of Anglesey that can be fun to go to. There are rock pools and low cliffs located by this beach, which can make for a good Instagram picture or story before you get back to your tent.

Also, if you aren’t too keen on being completely away from the wilderness, Borthwen’s beach does have a free area to park your car. There’s also a toilet and shower if you don’t want to solely rely on Mother nature when freshening up. 


Any of these five beaches would make for a fun glamping trip for you and your loved ones. And although the break is well-deserved and overdue, follow the right safety protocols at this time. Don’t want to catch any unwanted diseases while having fun, after all!

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