5 Reasons to Go Glamping on Your Next Holiday


5 Reasons to Go Glamping on Your Next Holiday

Camping can be an incredibly polarising experience—you either love it or you don’t. There are many camping enthusiasts out there, but a similar number prefer to stay well within the comfort of their homes instead of getting rugged and sweaty outside. Still, the camping experience can be unforgettable, as you’ll enjoy nature at its purest while snacking on marshmallows and spending time with your friends and family.

The good news is that you can still enjoy a luxurious experience outdoors and sleep under the stars without worrying about bugs by glamorous camping or glamping. You can enjoy all the cushy comforts of your abode even while nestled in nature, giving you the best of both worlds. Whether deep in the mountains or on Anglesey beaches, here are five reasons to go glamping on your next holiday:

1. You’ll Still Be Comfortable

Camping is all about roughing it up and going down to the bare basics with limited to no conveniences. However, with glamping, you won’t have to contort yourself to fit in a tiny tent. Instead, you’ll enjoy a luxurious canvas tent that has enough room for you to spread out comfortably. You’ll also have a real bed, ensuring you a deep sleep at night.

Glamping emphasises comfort and relaxation, which means you can connect with nature without giving up the creature comforts you’re so used to getting at home. That means you and your travel companions will enjoy all the outdoors has to offer in a safe, secure, and luxurious way. 

2. You’ll Enjoy Gorgeous Locations in a New Way

Unlike resorts and hotels, glamping allows you to set up camp in remote locations while still carrying the elegance and leisure of these establishments. You can wake up just a few metres from the beach on a private island or tucked away in a mountain range overlooking a crystal-clear lake. Once you walk out of your tent, you’ll be immediately surrounded by nature, which you won’t get from most accommodations. 

3. You Won’t Spend Too Much

Living in a large, spacious tent, yurt, tepee, or cabin may sound like a significant expense. The good news is that you can do it on a budget, as glamping is much more affordable than staying in a hotel. Additionally, you’ll be supporting a small business and the local economy while getting the same calibre of care and experience as you would from an Airbnb or hotel!

4. You Don’t Have to Be a Seasoned Camper

Glamping is very beginner-friendly. Camping can be very expensive since it requires a wide array of gear, which can add up quickly in cost. However, when you glamp, you don’t have to worry about additional equipment. You don’t have to bring a stove or a tent fly. Unless you want to go entirely off the grid, you won’t need scout skills either. All you have to do is show up and enjoy the beauty of being outdoors.

5. You’ll Be Participating in an Eco-Friendly Activity

Lastly, camping is an environmentally friendly activity since you’ll be vacationing in anything from large tents to retro airstreams instead of resort complexes that are costly to operate. Glamping typically relies on solar and wind power as well, which means you’ll be minimising your carbon footprint as well.


Going glamping on your next holiday allows you to sit in the lap of luxury while being surrounded by the best of Mother Nature. You’ll make unforgettable memories with your travel companions by camping around Anglesey in style without sacrificing your favourite creature comforts.

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